Pick 'n Hoe
When farmers and miners gather to celebrate

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Pick’n Hoe is proud to announce their two new chairman for the 2017 celebration

Chelsea Garchar comes from a long line of Dove Creek farmers. Her great grandparents homesteaded the Dove Creek area in the early 1900's. Their names were Joe and Jessi Juanita Fury who had five children. Chelsea’s grandma was Betty Fury and she met her husband Francis Badding who was from Denver. They raised ten children in Dove Creek, where Chelsea met Levi Garchar who is a fourth generation farmer from Dove Creek. They were married in 2013 and are raising two little ones in Dove Creek. Chelsea states that she is a hard worker and is passionate about the Pick’n Hoe and wanting to keep this celebration alive.

Our second chairman is Tabitha Petrosius Henderson. She moved to Dove Creek on Thanksgiving of 2015 from Jackson MS where she spent 20 years rehabbing old dilapidated houses and making them beautiful again. She also started an Audio Video Lighting Production Company on the side. Working in the music industry as a music promoter, event coordinator, and booking talent, Tabitha grew up around music and has always had a passion for it: it's her heartbeat. Her heart’s journey led her to this beautiful community who embraced her daughters and Tabitha with love and kindness . Tabitha, would love to see Pick’n Hoe continue its legacy by keeping the celebration alive. She loves this small town and would love to mark it on the map.